My Morning Routine-Act II

Welcome back! If you’ve been reading along, I’ve split my morning “Get Ready With Me at the Gym” routine into three acts. Act I was about my shower routine post-workout, so keep on reading for Act II!

When I come out of the shower, I need to feel clean, as though I’ve scrubbed every inch of sweat, dirt, and city life out of my existence. Once that task has been accomplished, I can saunter over to my locker in nothing but my favorite blue bath towels from college (don’t judge me, my mom is the queen of Macy’s bargains) and begin my skincare routine.  Here  goes nothing:


From The Treadmill To The Office-  A Comedic Blogopera in Three Acts.


Hello, again!
I want to make an admission: I am an early morning gymrat…who happens to be a make-up addict.

I know that it seems improbable and impractical. You, dear reader, would be well within your rights to ask me how I manage to carry all of the products that I have if you were there to witness it. My mother tells me that I carry way too much…and she’s probably right. But here’s the thing: As much as I am a free spirit who seems to epitomize chaos and floating through life with no worries, I am someone who needs a steady routine/ritual in the morning to center myself and get my mind ready to face the day. My morning routine is a three-act routine, and each step to me represents a forging of a different part of my armor. This first act is my shower routine.