From The Treadmill To The Office-  A Comedic Blogopera in Three Acts.


Hello, again!
I want to make an admission: I am an early morning gymrat…who happens to be a make-up addict.

I know that it seems improbable and impractical. You, dear reader, would be well within your rights to ask me how I manage to carry all of the products that I have if you were there to witness it. My mother tells me that I carry way too much…and she’s probably right. But here’s the thing: As much as I am a free spirit who seems to epitomize chaos and floating through life with no worries, I am someone who needs a steady routine/ritual in the morning to center myself and get my mind ready to face the day. My morning routine is a three-act routine, and each step to me represents a forging of a different part of my armor. This first act is my shower routine.


(1) Shower

When I’m done thanking God (through very clenched teeth) for making me feel the workout burn, I like to use Weleda’s Arnica Sports Shower Gel. It’s your typical generic mint shower gel with the star force being the plant Arnica Montana, a herb that has been shown to aid in relieving muscle soreness.


Photo credit-Weleda

(2) Cleanse Face

After this, I like to cleanse my face with Juice Beauty’s Cleansing Milk. It’s a simple, milk cleanser, but it does indeed cleanse all of the sweat, grime, as well as sunscreen off of my face.To really get the best out of this cleanser, I have to massage it into my skin really well. I usually do this twice to make sure that I’ve got the sunscreen off.



(3) Moisturize Body

After those two steps, I HAVE to moisturize my body, and I always, always, ALWAYS use an oil. Weird fact-I haven’t used a water-based moisturizer in years. #teamneverplanoncracking. I like to use NOW Foods Organic Argan Oil. Yes, it’s $29 for a bottle. I know. But, it does not give you the greasy sheen that you get with other oils, and while I like to be greasy at night, I’m not really looking to be the office oil well. Five pipettes of oil is enough for my entire body.


As you can see from the above steps, my whole shower routine is very simple. I generally have an hour before I have to be at the office, so I try to spend the least amount of time in the shower. I like to inhale the mint of my shower gel, state my affirmations, and reframe my mind from meh to WOW!


What’s your routine in the morning?

Disclosure-All product was purchased by the writer of this feature. 

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