Beauty With Meaning- An Update On My Long Disappearance.


I know, I know. Using an Adele lyric is incredibly cliche, but I just HAD to use it. It was perfect!!

I haven’t been on here in over a year, and there’s a lot of reasons that I could give you as to why that is. But the honest truth of the matter is that I was burnt out on my life towards the end of last year. Burnt out to the point that I was just an empty shell, devoid of emotion and lacked any sense of humanity whatsoever.

However, my life has been on the upswing for the most part of 2017, minus the part where I got laid off. Yeah….that happened. It wasn’t fun, but in retrospect, it needed to happen, and God….made it happen, in his own, roundabout way.

I started this blog to talk about my biggest passion, which was beauty. That being said, I want to talk about beauty in a different way. You see, there are so many beauty influencers on the market now, be they beauty professionals, beauty bloggers, bloggers, or any other individuals who make their living from this industry. And for me, what I love about beauty is not merely the product knowledge, but the community that has arisen around it. I love that we’re able to discuss history, science, politics and literature all while talking about eyeliner.

So I’m going to be working on this site for awhile in order to bring you something fresh, new, and more in line with what I’m envisioning.

Stay tuned. I look forward to seeing you again.

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