Ten Reasons I Love Being Catholic.

Ten Reasons I Love Being Catholic.

(1) I love God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. (I’m in awe of the Holy Trinity. One God in Three persons.)

(2) I love the values that it teaches. (Honesty, Decency, Loyalty, Hard work, and the most important-Accountability for one’s actions.)

(3) The Catholic Church is the only Church that can trace its roots directly to Jesus Christ and his Twelve disciples. (Seriously. That “On this rock I shall build my church” thing? Christ was referring to St. Peter, who was later crucified on the current site of St. Peter’s Basilica on a crucifix upside down.)

(4) I can attend the same mass in every country. (That is true. I’ve gone to Mass in the U.S., Guatemala, and Trinidad. All were the same.)

(5) The Catholic Church spans every country and every continent. (Except Antartica. But one can hope, though. If explorers can live there, why not priests?)

(6) There are 23 different Rites which are all in full communion with Rome.(And it’s amazing. The Roman Rite is the most prevalent in the US, but I’ve found a Lebanese Maronite Cathedral in Brooklyn, a Ukranian Catholic Cathedral in Manhattan, and I’m looking to visit a Byzantine Catholic parish in Jersey soon.)

(7) There’s nothing like a Catholic Parish family. (Seriously. Go to a parish bazaar in the summertime. Your day WILL be made.I go to those things with the full intentions of #stuffingmyfacewithallthefood)

(8) I love the way my parish supports us in our quest to live a life of faith. (Seriously. My parish encourages us to attend wedding ceremonies of parishioners. I really want to do it, but I don’t want the couple to feel weirded out.)

(9) The community that I have found as a result of actively choosing to follow my faith inspires me every day. (I’ve made some awesome friends since I decided to actively live out my faith, and they’ve helped me strengthen myself in my journey by far.)

(10) I was raised to follow my faith by my awesome Gramma (RIP) and my kick-butt godmother NS. (These two women are the reason why I’m still Catholic. My grandmother was a very devout Catholic who believed very strongly in her faith, and she raised me with that foundation. When I moved back to the US as a kid, it was my godmother NS who pushed my mom to get me back into Church.)

Those are my reasons I love being Catholic. What are yours?